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Book one


  On this paradise of a college campus,

         escalating political tensions

                                lead one student

   to an act of great violence.


College students ...

... campus protests 

... and a homemade bomb.



- Amazon ***** Review

"I love the dangerous tone of this book so much."  - Amazon ***** Review

"Like hanging with Tom Wolfe and your conspiracy spouting friend over a couple rounds of Jell-O shots."

- Amazon ***** Review

Whether they admit it or not, 
or even realize it,  
their whole lives have been
          altered by the events of
September 11th, 2001, 
when they were just kids.
Now one of them will
turn back 
to the terror of their youth
in the hope of finding answers. 
The rest will be victims. 



NPR Interview in South Florida after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas tragedy. 


"Mass killings on school campuses have, unfortunately, become commonplace in American Society ... Perhaps no recent work of fiction better handles this subject – and all the gray areas in between the nation’s pretty black-and-white divide – than 'Patriots' by Will Kane Thompson."

-- Rachel Iacovone, WGCU,

NPR News for South Florida. 

Tristan's Poster: 
"Democracy is Dead ... 
The Oligarchy Rules" 
The book bag bomb ...
someone will plant.
And "Make America 
Give a Sh*t" hat. 
The books that inspired Patriots. 

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